Carl's Railway Photos

10th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47812 and 442414

47812 prepares to depart for Ely with the final 442, for now....
66774 and 66756 take the Royal Scotsman Spa Car for a turning move via Romsey, Redbridge and Southampton and back to the Works

9th February - Eastleigh

76818 4-CIG 76818 departs for its new home at the South Wales Loco Cab Preservation Group - in two halves!

8th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66301 and 66303 66301 departs with 'MOW COP' and 66303 has arrived for repainting

7th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

BFK 17167 Northern Belle's 'MOW COP' is finished and ready to leave

3rd February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66301 66301 is released from the Paintshop
Latest 455 conversion, 5704, departs under its own power

1st February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37057 37057 is stabled with a Test Train
Several JNAs have arrived for overhauls

31st January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66112 66112 arrives to take 17096, 21245 and 6310 to Bescot
66774 is in for fuel

28th January - Eastleigh

66769, 66723 and 66848 A selection of 66s in assorted colours
New and old livery SWT 158s

26th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66066 66066 brings in the final batch of Riviera coaches from Eastleigh Depot, the move across is now complete
57011 and 57303 have arrived
37175 is stabled with a Test Train

23rd January - Eastleigh

66149 Recent DBC repaint 66149 departs Eastleigh Depot

23rd January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

442424 442405 and 442424 have had their front covers refitted prior to being moved to Eastleigh Depot for potential future use

19th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37025 37025 and 37099 are back with their Test Train

17th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

323 539-7 The Kof is operational again
37025 and 37099 are on site with a Test Train
The vinyl wrap is being stripped off the LU 4-TC set

16th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Riviera Mk1s The main Riviera Mk1 Charter rake has arrived and is now based here for all future Charters - trackwork changes are being made to provide servicing points for the coaches
01508 shows off its new lights
5708 collects converted 5706 for return to Wimbledon

13th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37608 37608 is back on its Test Train
The six Riviera Mk1s used as brake force for yesterday's move to the Docks have arrived

12th January - Eastleigh

66111 66177 and 66111 top 'n' tail four Riviera Mk1s to the Docks in the pouring rain with six others for brake force - 2834, 3069, 3146 and 5009 are due to move by road from the Docks to various locations

12th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66301 66301 has arrived for repainting
Stored 47841 is shunted back inside
07007 shunts the Royal Scotsman stock

11th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37608 37608 is complete and poses outside

10th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37608 The final decals and nameplates are fitted to 37608

9th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37608 Bodywork painting is complete on 37608 and the decals are applied
The nameplates have arrived for 37608
MMT4 arrives for maintenance

6th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

DR80211 Stoneblower DR80211 is repaired and ready to leave
66751 collects Translator Set T7
The Falcon Grey goes on 37608
5739 is ready for departure

5th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

55028 Project Wareham DMU 55028 is in primer
5706 is the latest 455 for re-power

4th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37608 37608 has yellow ends and is being prepared for the grey and silver
37099 is back with its Test Train
DR76503 is outside on test

3rd January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37099 37099, Colas Rail's latest 37, is on site with a Test Train

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