Carl's Railway Photos

15th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57310 57310 collects the two overhauled KXA-Cs
07007 shunts the Riviera stock for the two trains departing at the weekend
Riviera Mk1s get a wash and brush up

14th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73964 73963 and 73964 have arrived to take over a Test Train

10th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

08790 08790 has been moved inside for repairs
508211 is in the scrap line

9th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

508211 508211 awaits its final journey

6th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Mk1 FO 3119 Riviera's Mk1 FO 3119 emerges from the Paintshop in Chocolate and Cream
Various Royal Scotsman coaches in different stages of re-painting

2nd March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

450127 The Siemens Team pose in front of the final unit of their current program
37099 is stabled with a Test Train
A closer look at the equipment fitted to 66848
Converted 5914 is on test

1st March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66303 and 66304 66304 arrives for repainting and 66303 departs
66848 arrives in dismal weather with the RILA equipment fitted

24th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

5712 5712 is the latest converted unit to depart

23rd February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

08790 Fifteen JGAs and two HYAs have arrived for repairs
08904 finally departs for Cardiff Tidal after some problems with the lorry

22nd February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

08879, 08904 and 07007 08879 is fuelled ready for an attempt at starting it in the near future
66040 brings in 08904 from East Yard to be loaded onto a lorry

21st February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

68024 68024 arrives with 37405 and Mk2 5919 from Norwich for repairs
66303 is outshopped from the Paintshop

20th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

DR98926 and DR98914 Pink meets Orange with the two colourful MPVs together
Two of the converted KHAs are formed between the Pink MPV
66089 arrives back with the Riviera Charter stock

17th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66769 66769 and 66756 are added to 66720 and Translator Set T7 before departure

16th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66720 66720 has arrived for the move of Translator Set T7 to Tonbridge the following day
47818 is assisting with the Riviera Charter preparation today

15th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57011 57011 is back outside having donated its bogies to 57303
08790 assists with preparations for the Riviera Charter this weekend

15th February - Eastleigh

66756 A queue of 66s wait to leave the Depot

14th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

55028 Overhauled engines are being fitted to 55028
37219 and 37254 top 'n' tail a Test Train

10th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47812 and 442414

47812 prepares to depart for Ely with the final 442, for now....
66774 and 66756 take the Royal Scotsman Spa Car for a turning move via Romsey, Redbridge and Southampton and back to the Works

9th February - Eastleigh

76818 4-CIG 76818 departs for its new home at the South Wales Loco Cab Preservation Group - in two halves!

8th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66301 and 66303 66301 departs with 'MOW COP' and 66303 has arrived for repainting

7th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

BFK 17167 Northern Belle's 'MOW COP' is finished and ready to leave

3rd February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66301 66301 is released from the Paintshop
Latest 455 conversion, 5704, departs under its own power

1st February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37057 37057 is stabled with a Test Train
Several JNAs have arrived for overhauls

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