Carl's Railway Photos

28th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

50026 50026 is being prepared for its trip to Swanage next week
73141 has arrived for bogie repairs and new wheels

27th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

10729 10729 is looking good as it nears completion
SPML15 is outside

26th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57303 57303 is nearing completion of its exam

25th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

DR79200-B SPML15 Rail Grinder is in for maintenance
A better look at 57308's new livery

24th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57308 57308 in the new DRS livery
Re-powered 5912 is ready to leave

20th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57306 57306 is lowered onto its overhauled bogies
Work has started on 08650's buckeye fitting

19th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73962 73961 and 73962 are stabled with a Test Train
07007 shunts a rake of chocolate and cream mk1s

18th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37609 and 37259 37259 and 37609 have brought in the weekend's charter stock and are swapped round before departing
The next batch of wagons wait in the scrap line

11th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37611 37611 now has decals and 'Pegasus' nameplates fitted
08879 moves under its own power back into its compound
MMT4 is onsite for maintenance

10th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37611 37611 is shunted outside briefly as its moved across for decal fitting
50026 is under the crane for cylinder head replacement
66773 joins 66760 and 66766

8th April - Avon Valley Railway Diesel Gala

D8059 (20059) Visiting D8059 along with resident 08202 and 5518 and a couple of Barclays in action - The failure of 'KINGSWOOD' meant 'Grumpy' got a run out
Not one of the bigger galas but still well worth the visit

7th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37611 37611 is nearing completion in the Paintshop
Four 08s undergoing various repairs
57306 has arrived for a bogie swap

6th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

391154 The two MEA wagons have had their boxes cut off for re-use
A pair of GBRf's newer 66s arrive for minor repairs

4th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66506, 47771 and 66588 47771 finally arrives, sandwiched between two 66s
37611 is in primer
VGA 210538 heads the next batch of wagons for scrapping

3rd April - Lymington Branch

158888 158888 operating the branch

3rd April - Southampton Central

158957 A few minutes waiting for the train to Brockenhurst

30th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Cab of 64680 The cab of 64680 is loaded and departs to its new home in South Wales
37716 and 37038 are formed up on the Riviera charter stock to go out

29th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37716 and 37038 37716 and 37038 arrive with three Northern Belle coaches for repair
56312 arrives with JRA wagons for overhaul
A pair of Colas Rail 66s are on site for minor repairs

28th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66304 66304 is fresh out of the Paintshop
The cab of Class 508 64680 has been saved for the South Wales Loco Cab Preservation Group
The second batch of ZCAs wait in line for scrapping

28th March - Eastleigh

34046 'Braunton', masquerading as 'Lord Dowding', passes on its way to Swanage

27th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

444002 444002 has arrived for collision repairs

24th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

4909 386-4 The first set of car carrying frames for the Q80 wagons is complete and awaits decals
73201 is on test in the yard again

23rd March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

76297 Progress on bodywork repairs to the 4-TC
37057 is back with its Test Train
Work has begun to clear Bay 5 South for the new Wheel Shop

22nd March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37611 37611 has arrived for repainting into Europhoenix livery
37057 is on site with a Test Train
Converted 5908 is on test

21st March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73201 73201 is on test in the yard

20th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

08650 08650 has been delivered by road
Bodywork repairs to the cabs of 50021 are underway
66304 is being prepared for repainting

17th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

99964 The Royal Scotsman is formed up in Bay 1 ahead of its return to Scotland tonight
73201 is back on its bogies

16th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

64680 A last look at 508211
66538 is on the Maritime Trip
A rake of redundant wagons has been delivered to Raxstar for scrapping - anyone interested in wagons or parts should contact Raxstar via their Facebook here

15th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57310 57310 collects the two overhauled KXA-Cs
07007 shunts the Riviera stock for the two trains departing at the weekend
Riviera Mk1s get a wash and brush up

14th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73964 73963 and 73964 have arrived to take over a Test Train

10th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

08790 08790 has been moved inside for repairs
508211 is in the scrap line

9th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

508211 508211 awaits its final journey

6th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Mk1 FO 3119 Riviera's Mk1 FO 3119 emerges from the Paintshop in Chocolate and Cream
Various Royal Scotsman coaches in different stages of re-painting

2nd March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

450127 The Siemens Team pose in front of the final unit of their current program
37099 is stabled with a Test Train
A closer look at the equipment fitted to 66848
Converted 5914 is on test

1st March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66303 and 66304 66304 arrives for repainting and 66303 departs
66848 arrives in dismal weather with the RILA equipment fitted

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